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quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

DC-9 Sky Simulations FS2004

Ora muito boas a todos...
Andei um pouco sumido mas voltei com uma postagem "À GRANDE E À FRANCESA"...
Desta vez trago-vos o Grande DC-9 e as suas variantes DC-9-20, DC-9-30, DC-9-30F, DC-9-41 e DC-9-51 e é claro produzido pela Sky Simulations apesar de ser um pouco desconhecida tem add-ons de alta qualidade...
É uma aeronave super completa...
Aqui vai as especificações do Fabricante:

. . : : AIRCRAFT : : . .

-State of the art replica of the aircraft.
-This package covers the entirely DC-9 family, Seven based different models:
DC-9: 10, 10F, 21, 30, 33F, 41 and 51
-Fully Native models to it's respective Flight Simulator (Seven per flight simulator).
-Bump and Specular maps (FSX Version)
-Dynamic Shine.
-Perfectly simulated loss of hydraulic pressure. (Elevators, spoilers, landing gear
and flaps will block without hydraulic pressure)
-Main Door, service door, cargo door, forward stairs, rear stairs (except 10 version)
and cockpit windows accurately modeled and animated.
-Horizontal stabilizer movement based on real aircraft system logic and real data.
-Fully operational 3 positions landing lights. (retracted, extended off and extended on)
-Aileron and Elevator actuated by aerodynamic movement of the control tab.
-Every detail of the aircraft is accurate modeled, and are no part of the textures
without affecting the frame rates.
-Ground power receptacle and front stairs visible.
-3D modeled and/or animated FAN BLADES, PITOTs, Static probe, Static ports
-Moving whipers (2 Speeds)
-Accurately modeled and Animated thurst reversers.

-Catering Truck, Belt Loader, Baggage Train, Loader (In "F" version) Fuel Truck and Pushback (FS9 Version)

-GPU and Air Starter unit (accurately modeled) interacts with the aircraft systems
-Animated Ground personnel.

-Engines, LG Doors, Wx Radar

-Flight Dynamics tested by real airline pilots and in many real world comparisions.
-The flight dynamics are based also in the senzation in many hours on the real flight simulator.
-The wing airfoil profile is based completely in the Douglas wing airfoil DSMA-357/433 -A
-Totally reliable on flight manuals, performance and climb.
-Perfectly simulated weight and Balance in accordance with the weight and Balance Manual
-Hi Definition Photoreal 32Bit Textures.

. . : : VIRTUAL COCKPIT : : . .

-Virtual cockpit fully functional and animated.
-Nearly every knob and switch is operational, you can perform a complete flight within the VC.
-Photoreal retouched and digitalized Hi-Def Textures on the Virtual Cockpit.
-Two different layouts available in accordance with the type of the aircraft.
-Two Colors available: The Original Aqua-Blue and Grey.
-Fully Detailed and clickeable with endless details, features and effects.
-Moving whipers (2 speedS)
-Accurately modelled and animated captain and First Officer windowS and it's mechanisms.
-Animated Flight deck door.
-Every switch, handle or Knob is modelled in 3D.
-Cabin lightning.
-Animated Main/Service exit doors and front stairs.
-Spectacular night lighting.
-Flood panel lights FX.
-Reflecting-transparent windows.
-Clickable and movable Sunshine screens.
-Hundreds of animation almost every part of the VC that could move, will do!!!

. . : : SOUNDS : : . .

-Full Engine sound package recorded during engine run test, outside and inside of the aicraft.
-Fully Digitalized sound enviroment


-Two different panel layouts available in accordance with the type of the aircraft.
-Two Colors available: The Original Aqua-Blue and Grey.
-CAPTAIN and First Officer Panels
-Fully operational Pedestal.
-Fully operational Overhead Panel

-Full simulated air conditioning system
-Cockpit and Cabin temperature control.
-Full simulated Pressurization system.
-AUTO and Manual Mode

-Fully operational fuel system
-Booster Fuel Pumps

-2 NAV Radios
-2 VHF Radios
-1 or 2 ADF Depending of the model.
-s Mode Transponder

-Full simulated Electrical, AC and DC systems
-Full Operational APU and Ground power unit
-CSD, APU and Engine Instruments for monitoring

-Full simulated hydraulic system
-Interacts directly with airplane control surfaces and its components.Depending with the existing pressure.
-Hydraulic Pumps and Instruments

-Attitude Deviation Indicator (ADI)
-Radio Altimeter
-Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
-Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)
-Airspeed/Mach Indicator
-Vertical Speed Indicator

-Complete set of engine intruments
-EPR RAT with manual selectable bugs

-Full simulated Pneumatic system.
-Pneumatic indicators and Crossfeed Handles.
-Fully operational and interactive Pneumatic External Unit (air starter)

-Engine, Airfoil, Tail and Windows anti ice systems

-Fire detection system
-Fire loops
-Fire Handles
-Warning sounds

-Accurately simulated SPERRY SP-50A AFCS.
-Flight mode annunciator
-Altitude Alert

-GPWS, warning and Caution sounds
-Virtual Copilot Sounds
-Take off configuration warnings and sounds.
by step tutorial manual.

Espero que gostem
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