quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011


Ora muito boas a todos...
Para fechar o dia trago-vos o SP1 do DC9 espero que gostem desta super postagem...

***NEW FEATURE: WING VIEWS For the entire DC-9 Series***

-Re Digitalized Panel for the DC-9 10's and 30's.
-Reprogrammed Pneumatic System.
-Anti-Ice system is linked to the Pneumatic system.
-Improved Automatic Pilot.
-A/P system, Heading Mode Disengages the Turn Knob mode and viceversa.
-V/S Now Captures and it adjusts to the actual ascent or descent pitch.
-The F/D Pitch selector, now moves the cross bars and not the Artificial plane.
-Improved Cabin Altitude selector for faster selection.
-Improved Fuel system.
-Reprogrammed APU system.
-Fuel Pumps (AFT and FWD) Now works independently.
-Engine Start spool up time has been increased and is not violent now.
-Improved Engine performance in all models.
-Improved flight dynamics.
-Speed bugs added in the Speed Meter.
-Improved Ground effect.
-And many more features has been improved.

Espero que gostem
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