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sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

Aerosoft's Beech18 & Martha's Vineyard v1.10 (FS2004)

Ora boas!
Trago-vos aqui este belo addon que é 2 em 1, que é o Beech 18 que já vem incluído o cenario de Martha's Vineyard, este é um optimo addon para quem gosta de voos IFR/VFR em baixas altitudes a apreciar a paisagem.

Beech 18 features:

  • 5 models (freight/cargo/D18S/floats/floats cargo).
  • 11 different liveries
  • Clever design to reduce framerate so you can run complex scenery.
  • Environmental sounds and a superb sound set.
  • 2D panels adapted for better forward view during landing and take-off.
  • Fully functional Virtual Cockpit (in fact it is far more useful than the 2D cockpit)
  • Extensive instrumentation including Century 2000 Autopilot, Garmin GTX 237, and Bendix King Radio Navigation suite.
  • Extensive electrical system with active circuit breakers.
  • Extensive oil system with oil coolers and cut off valves.
  • In-flight entertainment (gauge based MP3 player), with suitable boarding music.
  • Especially suited for not too experienced flight simmers.

Martha`s Vineyard Features:

  • Photo realistic scenery based on aerial images.
  • Three airports (but one is not officially open for public).
  • High dense mesh (even small dunes are visible).
  • Extremely dense Autogen.
  • Seasonal textures (snow in winter looks superb).
  • Separate night textures.
  • Traffic files for main airport.
  • Static aircraft of correct livery on the airport.
  • Many boats, ferries and other ships.
  • Landclass and redefined coastlines.
  • Lighthouses with long range visibility.
  • Three airports (one even got a taxiway to the beach).
  • Well designed to give best framerate in all conditions.

Espero que gostem.

Bons voos a todos!

Abraços Duff.

Servidor: Torrent

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