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segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Cloud 9 - Amsterdam 1.02 (FS2004)

Ora Boas!
Trago-vos desta este belo cenário que uso e recomendo, não sei conhecem mas a cloud9 produz belíssimos cenários, este é o de Amsterdam esta perfeito, completo e actualizado.
Espero que gostem.

Airport Features:

  • Developed on hundreds of real ground and in-flight pictures.
  • Runway, taxiway and apron reproduced with high details using customized textures.
  • Horizontal and vertical signs perfectly rendered.
  • Completely realistic light systems.
  • Airports buildings designed with 3d studio MAX.
  • Photorealistic textures in the whole airport.
  • Animations and special effects in the airport.
  • Customized AI traffic.
  • Airports completely integrated in the surroundings area terrain.
  • Completely designed to reduce the impact on the framerate.
  • More details in progress.
Area and city features:
  • City area completely reproduced.
  • Developed using particular techniques for a very high realism of the synthetic scenery with rivers, roads and railways completely redesigned for VFR purposes too.
  • City centre completely developed in 3D with extremely high detailed photorealistic scenery base.
  • Thousands of pictures used to reproduce historic buildings, bridges and other objects with high detail.
  • Streets lights and detailed roads.
  • Night special effects.
  • Channels usable with seaplanes.

Espero que gostem.
Bons voos a todos

Tamanho: 85Mb
Servidor: MegaUpload

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