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domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Pitts S1 Addictive Simulations "Exclusivo" (FS9 & FSX)

Trago-vos aqui este addon que é uma exclusividade, que é o famoso Pitts S1 da Addictive Simulations, para quem adora acrobacias é uma espectacular aeronave que eu proprio ja a algum tempo que uso e vos recomendo.

Featuring a raft of special features including:-

  • Flight model verified by active Pitts pilots to ensure absolute realism.
  • Custom high-poly, low frame rate modelling techniques that bring the aircraft to life without impacting your performance!
  • The FSX model features full bump mapping and specular lighting bringing every joint and rivet to life in vivid detail!
  • An accurate facsimile of a real Pitts Special that was made available to us for the life of product development to ensure ultimate realism, right down to the pilot!
  • Custom animations including an operable canopy, chocks and ties!
  • Three animated pilots, 2 male and 1 female!
  • Installer provides both FS2004 and FSX unique versions

  • An integral configuration manager that allows you to change animations on the fly without having to reload the aircraft
  • Six custom liveries and artwork crafted by industry supremo artist Daniel Dunn!
  • Custom smoke trails let you paint the sky as you loop and roll!
  • Purists will welcome the detailed performance charts and checklists. Yes, our Pitts flies by the book, so we give you the important pages of the book!
  • Spin, loop and twist as you achieve aerobatic heaven flying the Pitts Special S1 - the nimble aircraft that has won more aerobatic awards than any other!

Espero que gostem!
Bons voos a todos
Mais uma Exclusividade Duff!

Tamanho: 175MB.
Servidor: Megaupload.

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