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terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

Aerosoft - Huey X v1.00 (fsx)

A pedido do Daniel Viana posto este belo helicóptero, no qual as imagens me tiram as palavras da boca.
Ainda não testei estou a saca-lo e logo logo testarei


Includes military UH-1H (or German UH-1D) and civilian Bell 205 A-1 models
Highly accurate flight model (using a separate module to correct the limited helicopter flight model of FSX). Please note that vortex ring state (VRS) is NOT included because the Huey does not suffer from this dangerous condition.
Torque induced yaw added
Stabilized rotor head simulation added
Control travels in hover and cruise flight corrected
Tail rotor effectiveness corrected
Retreating blade stall added
Control effectiveness depending on hydraulics pressure added
Highly detailed systems making a realistic (within FSX limitation) use of all checklists possible
Immersive sound set with many additional sound module for virtual cockpit sounds
Very detailed external model with many animations
Fully useable and detailed (±250.000 polygons) virtual cockpit
All 3D gauges with custom programming
Extensive manual (checklists available in format for smartphones)
Easy select of “Cold and dark” and “Ready to go” mode
Innovative lighting systems (including steerable searchlight)
Created with the help of German Bundeswehr pilots

Tamanho: megauploud 74MB
(agradecimentos Daniel Viana)

espero que gostem
abraços: duff
bons voos!!!

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